Add ability to flag transactions for future review with reminders

I would like the ability to flag specific transactions for me to review later. My use case is to remind me to followup on a dispute, refund request, etc. Ideally, Quicken will remind me periodically that I still have flagged transactions to followup on until I clear the flag.

I would also like to be able to establish a followup date when the flag is set. The date should be used to sequencing of what should be reviewed next.

Use case: I've downloaded transactions from my credit card and notice one of them is not valid. I still need to be able to clear and recon this transaction because it is part of my credit card activity. I call the credit card company, dispute the charge and they tell me they will complete an investigation within 5 days. I want to be able to flag this transaction with a followup date in 5 days. In the register the transaction should be clearly "flagged" somehow. And in my transaction dashboard/summary, it should show I have a pending followup in x days. I should be able to set an alert to remind me if one of my flagged transactions is x days before the due date or beyond the due date.

I realize I could accomplish some of the same with tags, but I am really looking for something more "in my face" so I don't forget about it.

I also found this previous idea that seems similar, but I am unable to open it to see if it is indeed the same idea:
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    I was able to get to see that link; thanks for including it. The post was archived by the moderators after it doesn't get a lot of traction. I'll paste in below the suggestions from a fellow user on how you can basically accomplish what you want using one of the existing fields in Quicken Mac:

    1) Turn on the Status column (menu View > Columns). This field is pretty much intended for just what you describe. There is a filter where you can filter for "Not Reviewed" and you can mark each transaction as reviewed or not. "Not Reviewed" would obviously indicate something that would require more attention.

    2) As you mentioned, you could use the Tag field. Here you can make up an tag you like. You can filter for it by using the search box in the upper right. And you can sort by that field. 

    3) You could use the Action field in the same way as Tag. It is also searchable and sortable.

    Of course, there's nothing wrong with your Idea for adding a new flag field with a user-selectable reminder date. (I think it might be unlikely for the developers to take up because it wouldn't sync with the Quicken cloud (web/mobile) products, which in turn need to be compatible for syncing with Quicken Windows, which doesn't have such a feature.)
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