R31.6 - Issues with opening QDF files

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Having issues with opening my QDF files from Windows Explorer. They open fine from within Quicken, but when I double-click a QDF file to open, I get a window that Windows is configuring Quicken, then it pops up with message that it can't find the Quicken.msi file. Issue just happened today (1/22), didn't have problems before 1/22 with opening the files from Windows Explorer. I've tried rebooting my laptop, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Quicken, and I even tried downloading the mondo update from Quciken's site to have the most recent updates. Using Quicken 2018 (with subscription).


  • I have the same exact problem!!
    and it is a QDF file as above, not a QFX file.
    The same file opens after launching QUICKEN but not when clicking on the file itself. Why is this update more buggy than what it replaced?
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    I am having the same problem with opening my QDF files.

    What is odd is that I am on version 30.21 not either of the new releases.

    I have Windows configured so when a new version of Quicken is about to be installed, Windows reports it as a change that I cancel until at least a week later to avoid release issues. I have not received that notice for these new releases - I am assuming that I was never one of the 'lucky' ones accepted for the early staged releases. So I don't know why the procedure of clicking on my QDF files would be changed.
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    I am having the same problem with opening my QDF files.

    What is odd is that I am on version 30.21 not either of the new releases.

    It has been reported in another thread that what he saw was that he was on R31.5 and the R31.6 install ran, but evidentially didn't finish correctly, because Help -> About Quicken still reported that he was on R31.5.  Most likely the same thing happened to you, but with a different starting version.

    The install is what sets the association between the QDF file and Quicken. It seems that has been wiped out and Windows is now trying to use Internet Explorer to open all of the Quicken file types.

    Suggest that you log into your account on Quicken.com and download/install the full install from there.
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    I am completely unable to open or use Quicken. I'm on 31.6, and seeing there are issues. Their chat and phone options are not available until MONDAY. What the heck? I've never in decades of using Quicken not been able to get into my data until tonight. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, even put it on another computer. Tried opening older backups even. Nothing. Literally a complete "white screen of death" I'll call it that eventually if I click on the screen ends in the program not responding. Can't believe I'm completely kept from my data because of a bad update on their part - and no one around in support to help. I can't even download a previous version anywhere! Come on, Quicken! This isn't cool.
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    you can revert to R30.21