Like many others my PNC web connect has not worked for a long time. I thought by logging into my PNC account and enabling quicken that would help. Pnc sent me a 4 digit pin to use with quicken in the mail. But where in quicken do I enter this ? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the pnc accounts within quicken ? The quicken. Help page says not to do this. Quicken is totally useless to me if I cannot download my bank activity.


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    @bpflug - I have not heard of any FI sending a PIN (or any type of security code) to a Quicken user via snail mail.  That seems so ancient a means of doing anything that is related to modern day software and internet technology.  The only times I hear of a bank mailing a PIN to anyone nowadays is to confirm a PIN for a debit or credit card.
    I am also surprised that PNC did not provide any instructions on how to use that PIN.  Are you absolutely sure this came from PNC and that it is for use with Quicken?
    If you are confident that the PIN is actually from PNC and that it is for use with Quicken and if your online service for your PNC bank account in Quicken is still set up, have you tried to run OSU or Update Now since you got the PIN?  I would think that you would then be prompted to enter the PIN at some point during that process.
    If that doesn't work perhaps you need to deactivate the bank account in Quicken (click on Deactivate on the Online Services tab of Account Details).  Then click on Set up Now to reactivate it.  During this process I would think you will be prompted to enter your PIN.
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    After you have deactivated the Online Services of all of the registers associated with the financial institution and cleared the financial institution name field on the General tab, when you setup the Online Services of one of the registers, specify PNC Bank - Direct Connect as the financial institution.  Use the primary account holder's social security number and the pin you received.  I suggest you check Save to password vault before selecting Connect.  After you have authenticated, Quicken should provide the list of the accounts and allow you to link them to the existing registers.