Scheduled Payments Should be able to be edited before the prior payment is marked as paid.

When I receive notification that a scheduled payment is going to change for the next month I can not modify that payment unless the payment which occurred earlier in the current month has been marked as paid. When you do that you get a warning:"You are setting the reconciled status of an unposted scheduled transaction ...Are you sure you want to do this?"

I agree with the warning, I should not mark it as paid until I receive my credit card statement and confirm that it was paid. But at the same time I should be able to modify the payment in the following month(s)when the change is fresh in my memory.

It seems this could be accomplished by allowing the scheduled payment to be modified before the prior one is cleared. Clearly, this warning would not pop up if the programmers did not believe this was a. bad practice.
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  • RickO
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    There is already another idea post on the ability to modify future payments without affecting the payment stream.

    However, I will point out that marking a payment as cleared, or reconciling, is separate and independent from marking as paid. Marking as paid enters the payment in the register, but does not affect it's cleared or reconciled status.
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  • Daffy Duck
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    This should be merged with that listing I assume. I understand that there is a difference between marking the item as paid and reconciling it - but as I pointed out - the developers at Quicken are concerned enough about marking a payment as paid when it is not is an area of concern as highlighted by the warning you get when you manually check it off without performing a reconciliation.