Unable to initialize Quicken run-time component!

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I have been a Quicken user for over 20 years and I have never been this frustrated! I decided to upgrade to the subscription platform to get the latest update. I downloaded and installed the latest Quicken Canada for Windows file and I keep getting a run-time component pop-up window. I contacted Quicken support and they told me it was an issue with my Windows 10. I contacted Microsoft, they were very helpful and checked that my Windows and required software were all up-to-date. I am going to request my refund from Quicken and install an old version of Microsoft Money... I'm done with INTUIT!!!!


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    There appears to be a couple of major bugs in the recent R31.xx rollout,
    along with some internal bug even affecting R30.xx users.

    Did you get something like this - or something else ?

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  • Below is the pop-up I get. I contacted Quicken support on two occasions and both times they told me it was a Windows 10 issue and that I should call a local IT specialist...
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    I would suggest using QCleanUI to remove Quicken, restart Windows and then download the installation file from quicken.ca to reinstall.


    FWIW, Intuit no longer owns Quicken.
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  • Thanks Greg_the_Geek. I already tried QCleanUI a few times and I still get the same pop-up Window regarding run-time components. I'm at a loss. I have never had issues like this installing software. I will try to see if I can install an older stand-alone version of Quicken to see if I can get it to work.
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    Just out of curiosity, what version of Windows are you using? Also, you might try creating a new Windows user account and run Quicken from there.
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  • I'm using Windows 10 Home and I did exactly what you are proposing and still got the same pop-up error. I have never seen this with any other software.
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    Just for the record Intuit sold Quicken years ago.  The new company is Quicken Inc.

    Also you seem to have the terrible luck of trying to install Quicken when a problem was just recently introduced, and they are trying to work through a solution.
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