Quicken crashes when I click on my checking account

Starting today, after updating my accounts when I click on my Chase checking account on the account bar Quicken crashes. I tried a validate/repair and it was no help. I tried going to my backup from yesterday. Same thing. I tried using Quicken's backup from yesterday. Same thing.

When I click other accounts (credit cards, investments) it brings up their register.

There is an icon next to the checking account and when I hover over it it says "I have tasks to complete for this account". It says I have a check to print and send. Which I don't. One of the checks it says I have to print was a deposit on 1/4/2021.

I'm running the latest version of Deluxe on Windows.


  • MichaelCortese
    MichaelCortese Member ✭✭
    I got it working. I deleted the two items it said it had to print and then I was able to get into the register and re-enter the one transaction. I am not sure if this problem stemmed from entering in an online bill pay. My bank rejected it saying the zip code was wrong. It was not.
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