Mismatched cleared transactions between Web version and desktop version.

Recently noticed some odd behavior relating to transaction downloads and sync, primarily with Capital One. I have noticed that after One Step Update and sync some transaction in the Web version are cleared and the detail expansion of the transaction show that they have been downloaded from the bank. The desktop version shows the same transaction uncleared and there are no download ID's associated with the entries. If I click on the grayed checkmark in the web version of the transaction and turn it green then sync again. the desktop version of the transaction is now market cleared and the download ID can be seen in the register.

Is this a feature or a bug?

I seem to recollect that a few updates ago Quicken did some changes to sync and needed to reset and resync the data file. I think this behavior started around that time but can't be 100% sure.


  • Quicken certainly seems to have been acting strange in the NEW YEAR.

    I've been having the same problem on my desk top version. Transactions just not showing up even though they are on the bank/credit card web site.

    I do not have sync turned on; but because I use DIRECT CONNECT all my data is sync'd anyhow (it overrides the setting in preferences ). You can watch Windows 10 Resource Monitor (network tab) and see the huge spike in quicken activity as you select a different quicken file and it downloads it and then sync's it back.
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