Excel Export of Credit Card and Check Register with ALL Columns, including "Downloaded columns"

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I need to export to Excel ALL columns in a register to Excel in order to track payments coming from different sources where the other external accounts are NOT in Quicken.

"Export to Workbook XLSX" in Quicken 2021 H&B Windows Subscription exports only the columns "Account, Description, Memo, Category, Tag, Tax Item, Clr, and Amount". Th Export operation dropped Charge and Payment. I don't see any way to configure the export utility to export Charge and Payment in addition to Amount.

My data exported in Excel tables will be enhanced with filtering, tagging, coloring, additional data. Quicken does not have (and probably will never have ) complex filtering and formulas like Excel.

I need to export the ENTIRE register, as an EXPORT function (not as a report function).

The current Export operation does not maintain the integrity of the register layout. Payee is changed to "Description", the columns layout is reordered, and other parts of the visual changes occur that tampered with the integrity of the exported data.

Please make the Export functions WYSIWYG, so that the full layout and integrity of exported data and register table views are maintained.
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  • I figured out how to do a WYSIWYG "export" of all data from a register.

    If you select ALL Rows in a register, then right-click and select "Copy" to copy all transactions to the clipboard, you can then paste all data into a blank Excel worksheet. While technically a "copy" operation, it effectively allows you to get all data from a view out of Quicken. (I wish getting data into Quicken were this easy. ;^))

    This data export / copy-out method preserves the full integrity of the view and the data from the register. It does not corrupt the visual layout (like "Reports" or Quicken's "Export" function) by reordering columns. It does not drop any columns. Whatever is displayed in the register gets copied over to Excel.

    From what I could find in 30 minutes of searching, this is not documented anywhere in the Quicken Help, this Quicken Community forum, or on a Google search, but it works.