After accepting new transactions from USAA the flag doesn't clear

Quicken and USAA are not playing well together the last few days :smiley: I changed to the new login setup for USAA yesterday and this morning I'm having a few issues. I encountered having a few transactions that came through as withdrawals, instead of deposits, so I deleted them and marked the correct items cleared, but when it tried to reconcile it had a completely random ending balance. I marked it finish later, but now the flag indicating new transactions isn't clearing. My other two accounts that did reconcile correctly have the same issue, the red flag is still there. Is there a way to manually clear the flags?


  • BobPollock
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    I'm gonna stick my neck out here.
    Restore your backup from appx. Jan 25 before this latest SNAFU. Ignore the fix posted on Quicken community yesterday (deactivate account, edit to remove institution name on all USAA accounts, blah blah) and find today's January 29, 2021 warning from Quicken Sarah saying that "some users" have experienced a big clusterbomb with their data, similar to your description.

    Keep using your restored file to update other non-USAA accounts if relevant.

    Just sit tight for another week or so until the folks at USAA catch on to the importance of getting this right. Certain entities in the right places need to get involved and this takes time. I'll bet you $100 that there are no USAA IT people who were around during a similar week long incident about 6 years ago.

    Do not attempt to fix USAA accounts in Quicken file alone until you find on this forum that there is a fix that actually works.

    I've been with USAA 50 years, long enough to tell you that the system has withered at USAA; they're never transparent about this kind of thing. USAA won't tell you when it's broken, and they won't tell you when it's fixed. You'll have to find out here, and it will take more time. Just the facts from decades of experience.

    I am now researching other online financial alternatives. I wish Quicken would tell us which institutions have the best track records with Quicken.