USAA problems unrelated to Quicken

I am wondering if anyone is experiencing other problems with the USAA web site or the processing of payments on or to USAA accounts.  As I posted on the main board, I have not been able to make payment to my USAA insurance bill from my USAA Visa Card.  I recieved another notice today that the payment is past due even though I authorized the payment over the phone after automated and web authoirized payments failed.  When I tried to log onto their web site today, the authorization code that was sent to complete the process failed to work, twice.  Calling them leads to a maze of automated menus that seem to be more for adding or changing services rather than web site support.  At the moment, I am still waiting to see if they can get things sorted out but it seems to me that their automated systems fell off the cliff during their recent web site upgrade.
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