Account transfers between checking and property accounts no longer appears to be working.

I recently downloaded data from my bank which included a transfer from an annuity account. The deposit showed in my checking account, but my annuity account was not debited. This monthly scheduled transaction has worked fine before now. Any ideas what could have changed or how to correct?


  • Hello @youlz1

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. I'm wondering here if the transaction looks any different than your previous ones that worked well? Generally with transfers you'll link the transaction to another account by having that said account into the category field. You should be able to do this to get your transfer back in order and should ideally save it again so it should work without error next time. 

    One last question I have is this scheduled transaction purely online or do you also have it set up in Quicken as well? If what I said above isn't accurate let me know and we'll take another look.


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  • BobPollock
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    FWIW, your issue seems to be a bank function rather than a Quicken function, albeit you're more likely to get an answer from this Quicken community forum than you would from my bank.

    When I make manual transfers at USAA bank, I'm pretty sure that the receiving account updates immediately at the bank online website, but the donating account shows no activity until the following day. The transfer shows up in both accounts as seen on Quicken the next day, after the bank updates itself overnight. I update Quicken accounts every morning.

    I have a few of automatic monthly transfers at USAA bank; I refer to transfers among bank accounts at the bank, because I also have transfers to external institutions to which I do not refer.

    I have not noticed the issue about which you have asked with my automatic monthly transfers, but then I'm not looking to see them in Quicken until the next morning's update, by which time both sides of the transfer transaction have been processed by the bank overnight. In any case, if one side of the transaction has an update lag, the lag invariably catches up within a day.

    You wrote on Saturday, January 30. My gut feeling is that things will look right on Monday, surely by Tuesday, without need to make changes or corrections.
  • youlz1
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    Thanks for your response.

    I have the transaction set up as you say. The scheduled transaction is set up in my checking and asset account for the first of every month. Typically, the transaction takes place a few days before the first of the month and my checking account is updated when I download my bank data. I believe the transfer takes place within quicken when I accept the downloaded transaction into my checking account. This transaction has taken place without fail for almost seven years, both in Quicken for Windows and Quicken for Mac. Now, it appears to have stopped. That’s what’s most confusing - what happened to cause a previously faultless transaction to suddenly stop working? And I can’t edit the asset account because the transfer is linked to the checking account so when I try to edit the asset account it states that ii is locked and it takes me to the checking transaction. I can make manual adjustments in the asset account to keep it correct, but that should not be necessary.
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