App appears blurry. Scaling with DPI settings fixes blurriness but causes other problems

By default the app is very blurry on my high resolution laptop screen. If change the DPI settings for the app, then certain features become so tiny or so cut off that they're not really useable or accessible. I'm on a trial and will likely ask for a refund. I don't want to use an app that's painful to use, one way or another.

For more detail, read on:

The features that become tiny and inaccessible when I change DPI settings include the search bar, the menu (file, edit, view, etc...), the apps navigation buttons (one step update, preferences, cloud sync, forward/back).

How I'm adjusting DPI settings to make the app less blurry:
If I right click qw.exe in program files(86)/quicken folder, and then click compatibility, then change DPI high settings, and then select override high dpi scaling behaviour, and select application from dropdown menu