Category List Usage Column Count Does not Match Full Category Report. What is Usage count?

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When viewing the Usage Count in the Category List, the count for _IntIncTaxFree is 7 and yet the full report has 100's of transactions.

Section of Full Report:

_DivIncTaxFree shows count of 0 and yet the full report gives 100's of transactions.
Maybe I am misunderstanding the Usage count in the Category List but I can't find an explanation of it anywhere.
What does the Category List  Usage count represent?

Deluxe R52.33., Windows 10 Pro


  • Frankx
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    Hi @leishirsute

    It seems like you printed a transaction report (it is really difficult to discern what it actually shows) rather than a category report.  If you want to see the detailed transactions for a category, you need to open the Category List (which you correctly showed in your first pic), but then follow the instructions immediately below to actually see the items that are included in the "usage" column - this is from the "Help" menu:

    Hopefully this will give you the correct information you are seeking.


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  • leishirsute
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    @Frankx , the full report was created by clicking on the Usage Count in the Category List amount and requesting the Full Report for the category.
    Clearly the Usage Count does not match the full report generated for the category as can be seen by the number of transactions in the full report versus the usage count of 7.

    Here is a clearer sample of the report that was created. The total report has hundreds of transactions.  Note that the category selected for the Full Report was for _IntIncTaxFree yet the category shown in the Full Report generated is for _IntInc.
    I verified that all the interest listed is for assets that are marked tax free.  However, it seems Quicken is marking such interest in the wrong category yet correctly generates the Full Report but incorrectly gives the Usage Count.

    Deluxe R52.33., Windows 10 Pro

  • q_lurker
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    Can’t confirm right now but I suspect the count may be only MiscExp type transactions that specify the category rather than including the Intinc transactions. 

    Also note that some reports may show IntIncTaxfee while a different report may show IntInc for the same transaction. For the action, the category may not be absolute. 
  • leishirsute
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    @q_lurker I have noticed the same inconsistent record keeping for _IntInc and _DivInc vs _IntIncTaxFree and _DivIncTaxFree. 
    That inconsistency results in incorrect Tax Planner projected income values when using scheduled transactions for tax free income transactions.
    In fact, the Category List Usage count for _DivIncTaxFree is 0 (see pic above) and yet the Tax Summary report shows multiple items for that category for last year and this year.

    Deluxe R52.33., Windows 10 Pro