How do I downgrade?

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  • Deb Laakso
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    > @usn68 said:
    > Long time user. Disappointed with Bill Manger. The process of adding billers, updating the information and paying bills seems simple, however in reality it ends up being anything but. Problems include credential issues, not getting bill information updated, not being able to pay desired amount, bill information in conflict with amount posted on website, customer support apparently unable to resolve the issues, Quicken and Billers blame each other for the issue, therefore problem continues to exist.
    > The older Quicken BillPay supposedly had problems, however, I was able to pay bills. The alternatives to Quicken only do some things and not others, so they are not currently viable options
    > Any suggestions how to fix other than waiting and hoping

    Same issues here. I used to love Quicken Bill Pay. It worked relatively painlessly for me. It was one of the reasons to stick with Quicken. So disappointed in the new bill pay, really didn't work for me. So now I'm in the double entry system, use my bank to bill pay and reenter in Quicken. I hate that. So right now I am stuck and can't figure out how to downgrade. I assume this takes a phone call and I can't get through.

    Interested in how others have downgraded. I'd like to still import mybank statements. My other thought is to download 2017 and just use that.
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    . My other thought is to download 2017 and just use that.

    Except then you'll lose all ability to download, and it won't get your old BillPay back ... which was discontinued by the vendor that provided it to Quicken.
    All ability to download into QW2017 ended on 4/30/20, about 3.5 years after that product was released.  So you'd STILL be doing double-entry.
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    I downgraded from Premier to Deluxe when I renewed last December.  I see the subscription as a fee for being able to download and import transactions which I plan to continue doing but the whole Bill Manager payment (& Online Bills) process created too many problems to be worthwhile.  Downgrading can only be done in the last 6 months of a subscription and it occurs when your current subscription expires (according to the updated FAQ page).  I was able to apply a Deluxe retail purchase to renew my subscription which gave me a little extra time because I was downgraded immediately.  I'm not sure if that extension process still works.  Here's the new FAQ:
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    Hi @Deb Laakso

    Sorry to hear that Bill Manager doesn't work for you.  But you do potentially have another option - many bank accounts have bill pay features that you can use with Quicken.  This includes banks like Chase, PNC and Bank of America.  Some provide the service for free and others charge a monthly fee.  But you enter your bill payments through Quicken and they are transmitted to your bank which then makes the payment on whatever time frame you choose.  So, there is no more "double entry system".  If you have any questions, like, does my bank offer bill payment services, just tell us the names of your banks and we'll let you know.


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