Windows "background" sound during One step update

I'm on version R31.8. about 1 or 2 updates ago I started hearing the windows 10 "background" sound when I click the "Update Now" button during a one step update. Is this a bug or a new normal?

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  • jfclague
    jfclague Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Known issue with the previous updates.
  • skybronco
    skybronco Member ✭✭
    thank you, i searched but didn't find anything, thanks again :)
  • TangledWeb
    TangledWeb Member ✭✭
    I began to hear that annoying Windows sound - it sounds like a Windows resources conflict alert - during OSU as well when I had R31.8 installed. Combined with all the other bugginess of R31.8, I reverted to R30.21.
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