Unknown Account showing up on Validate file

What is account ACCT_79001b97 that keeps showing up on my validate report files?


  • Studpup
    Studpup Windows Beta Beta
    During validate when quicken finds transactions that don't belong anywhere, it creates a new account. 

    Perhaps first make a backup. Run Validate again and see what it says. If it doesnt find problems, I would check that new ACCT and if there's any transactions in there, verify that they're just duplicates to the real transactions in a real account, then safely delete those transactions and the ACCT. Then validate again just to make sure there's no other errors.

    Consider automatic backups and validate your file regularly (I do it weekly).

    I'm not a quicken employee, just trying to be a helpful pup!
  • Larry Cromwell Clark
    Larry Cromwell Clark Member ✭✭
    edited February 2021
    Thanks, I did this and there was no change. I think the problem is happening after the automatic backups. I'm OK after manual backups.