American security quotes reflected in Canadian dollars

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I know someone else requested this feature but, I couldn't find where it was in the discussions to "like" it. As Quicken is helpful for tracking investments, it would be helpful if Quicken had this feature, otherwise it doesn't do a very good job of accurately tracking and reporting investments. Also, as Quicken has become a subscription based software, attention should be paid to the consumers and their requests. Appreciate the inclusion of this simple request in a future upgrade. Cheers
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    @Marcrest  Full-fledged support for multiple currencies in Quicken Mac is one of the top requests from user on this forum. The main topic thread about this is here, and if you scroll down a little from the top, you'll see in the blue box that the developers have marked this as "Planned." That means they have it on their development roadmap, but as the note says, there is no indication when this functionality will be completed and released. (That's normal; they almost never pre-announce when a new feature is expected, because unforeseen delays in development and testing, or the need to divert a programmer of one project to another more urgent one, means that the planned schedule is always somewhat fluid.)

    I'd just note that multi-currency support across all aspects of Quicken is much more than a "simple request" and likely entails significant programming work in almost every part of the program, from registers to reports to budgets.

    So the good news is they do plan to add it; the bad news is we don't know if it will show up next month, in 3 months, in a year, or more. ;)
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