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Provide Ability to Display/Hide Columns in Investment Registers

mrzookie Member ✭✭✭✭
edited February 1 in Display/UI (Windows)
In R30.8, Quicken added a font size adjustment function to the investment registers. This is a nice new feature, because I wanted to increase the font size as I already have in the banking registers. Unfortunately, the brokerage houses (at least the ones I use) tend to send security names in all caps, which eats up a little extra screen real estate. When combined with the larger font, I need to truncate some of the columns so I can fit everything I want to see on the screen. I know there is a hover function that provides a full display of any truncated entry, but that adds a lot of extra mouse movement (in my case, use of the track pad). I could go and edit all of my securities to U/L case, but I have hundreds of them, and that would be a very tedious job.

I have at least 2 columns in the investment registers that I never use. It would be great if, like the banking registers, we had the ability to display/hide columns as we need to. With that function, I can remove the unneeded columns, and redistribute the space where its needed. It would give better control of the screen real estate available.

If this is not possible (I don't see why not, but what do I know), if we could at least have the ability to shrink column widths further than their current designated minimums, that would help too (this would be a plus on the Investing pages as well).


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  • amhazell
    amhazell Member
    I would like the ability to remove the first three columns from Investing Registers; "Blue Dot", Attachment, and Clr. I do not use them and never will, they just take up precious space needed for columns that are used!
  • doughmann
    doughmann Member ✭✭
    I am in full agreement with adding the feature allowing users to hide unused columns.
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