Paycheck Deposit Amount disappears (data in split still there)

Periodically the total deposit amount on my past paychecks disappears, leaving a "payment" showing which is the transfer to my HSA savings account. All the detail of the paycheck is still in the split detail so I have to go in to the split save the paycheck again to right it all. This occasion, it went and made this change for the past 12 months of paychecks. I have had this happen several times in the past.

Any suggestions to stop this happening? Thankfully an easy but timeconsuming fix, but it shouldn't happen. I was hoping when I upgraded to the subscription version that I would not get this issue again.

Currently on Home, Business & Rental Property version 31.8 build, but quicken updated itself when I closed off and restarted the software to see if that would automatically right the error.


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