End Of Year Copy - Old Transactions Still There??

My current Quicken data file goes back to 2008. I tried an end-of-year copy, and asked that no transactions older than 1/1/2015 remain in the "current" file. I then asked it to open the current file. All of the transactions in my checking accounts from 2008 on were still there. I understand that split or unreconciled transactions might not be removed, but this was all of them - it looked like the original file.

I ran the end-of year copy on a backup of my file on a different PC; when I saw, this I freaked and went back to using the one I had started with.

Just wondering what I did wrong? - I certainly don't do end of year copy every year, but in the past I do remember it pretty much giving me an opening balance as of the start date I requested.

Windows 10 Pro x64. QW, latest updates.