Replacing TAG field during Find/Replace inflates account balances

I'm on Desktop Windows, using Quicken Deluxe 2020, version R31.12, build
Is anyone else having issues with Find/Replace? I have been spending several hours cleaning up past register entries.
I find that I can Find then Replace many fields (Payee, Memo, Check Number) with no adverse affects. But when I replace (519 entries in this example) into the (existing) TAG field, my account balances (plural, also in unaffected accounts) get new highly inflated Balances.
For example, the correct current balance in our Joint Checking is $3,478.91. After I Replace the TAG field (in ANY account in my database), all balances go up almost 200x. Joint Checking after TAG Replacement then shows $684,172.71 on the home screen, and Register Transaction balances are inflated as though there's a multiplier involved (i.e. $20 deposit, balance column goes up ~$4,000.
Thank goodness I create a Backup before beginning any Find/Replace function.
Any ideas?


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Well I tried swapping one tag for another and didn't see any change in my balances.
    I suggest you try running Validate & Repair.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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  • Mark D Bell
    Mark D Bell Member ✭✭

    You mean that I didn't instantly become a billionnaire after Find/Replace my Tag items? Kidding aside, I had this same issue that required me to ditch the file after doing a Tag Find/Replace and start again with a backup. Thinking this was just a one-time issue, I tried again twice more, and both time the file corrupted, or something like that, and had to be scrapped.

    Situation: I have a budget where I track income/expenses; however, I wanted to expand my budget to start tracking cash flow. To do so, I needed to Tag categories that were accounts (i.e., [Checking Account], [Saving Account], etc.), so I separate cash flow into columns by Tag categories. When I did a Find/Replace to add Tags to categories that were accounts, Tags were added without problems; however, the account balances skyrocketed. I did a Validate/Repair on the Quicken file, but that did not correct the problem. As I mentioned above, I had to start over using a backup file. When I tried the Find/Replace with Tag fields, the same happened again. On a positive note: The error with Find/Replace of Tag items was consistent.
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