how to fix latest update error

after last update, program would not open I had to use system restore & open quicken as administrator. quicken will now open but I get error that quicken does not like me to be administrator. Tried to down load quicken on line & it will not install (maybe admin error?)
how to fix???


  • UKR
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    Please follow this procedure, using a Windows User Account with full Administrator privileges to remove all parts of Quicken software and then reinstall it:

  • charlielima
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    edited February 2021
    Been there , done that. does not work. bad thing I used to be able to do system restore & get quicken to work a little, now it is totally gone. support person says there is an "app" blocking quicken. funny thing is- every thing was working just fine until the latest quicken update came along & that is what caused the problem. unfortunately I clicked "run as administrator" trying to fix it & now I cant get rid of that. How come everyone else is happy with running as administrator, but quicken then blocks, printing, downloads, etc. & there is no way to cancel "run as administrator". [Removed-Rant]