How to exchange/transfer shares in TFSA Account Quicken Canada

I have a TFSA  with 3 different mutual funds.  I have set up an automatic  exchange/transfer ($200)  from my Short Term Bond Fund  to another Fund in the same TFSA account.  (the exchange/transfer money/shares happens once per week) 

How do I enter this transaction/transfer properly in my TFSA account?


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    I don't use TFSA accounts but for any account you can add a Bill, Income or Transfer reminder. In your case a transfer. Hit Ctrl+J for Bill & Income Reminder, then on menu "Add" selct Transfer in the drop down (or Menu, Bills, Add Reminder, Transfer).

    In the dialog box enter a helpful description so you can see it in the reminders list. Then after hitting "Next" button you can enter amount, account from, account to and when / re-occurring dates. Of course specify if it automatically is entered or stays as a reminder. This is not impacting the actual bank transaction just Quicken - you would have to set some kind of standing order up with the bank for that but sound like you have that already.

    After this this transfer will live in the Bills Reminders section, it will appear on your Calendar and Bills section as a scheduled transaction
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