why is new mortgage hidden from account list?

have an asset account for house and have a new refi loan against house - have tried multiple ways to setup loan (linked/unlinked/mortgage/loan) but it is defaulted to hide in account list - so i cannot make a payment against the loan ?


  • Tom Young
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    When you attempted to set up the new loan did you start with Tools > Add Account?
    It sounds to me like you're dealing with a "Closed" Account.  In the Account List is there a red circle with a line across it? If that icon isn't there, what happens when you try to unhide the Account?
    I wouldn't think there should be any problem with having the house linked to multiple loans, but have you tried unlinking the house to the old loan, and Account that you've presumably closed?
  • mcevoye
    mcevoye Member
    thanks for the reply - i did go thru new account setup and established the link to the mortgage company. No red line on the new account, old account yes and it is unlinked from the asset and loan. I cannot choose to unhide as the check box is greyed out by system.
  • NotACPA
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    AAAHHH, so you linked the account, in Q, to the lender so that you could download transactions.
    The biggest problem with that is that ONLY the principal payments download from the lenders.  Not your Interest payments nor any Escrow payments.
    Additionally, when you enable a mortgage for download, Q removes ALL OTHER ABILITY that you would otherwise have to manage the loan.  You're not even able to see the loan account register.
    SO, see about converting your mortgage into a Manual loan, and then use the Mortgage Wizard to track ALL of your home loan payments: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7164936/faq-how-do-i-convert-a-loan-account-that-automatically-downloads-transactions-to-a-manual-entry-sc

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  • Tom Young
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    Though loans that are linked to the lender don't show up as "hidden" because of that linkage, I'd guess only "hide in transactions entry list" would be ticked, and grayed out, not that the entire Account would be hidden.
    Is the problem that the entire Account is hidden - not showing in the Account Bar - or that the transactions are hidden?  If the latter then converting to a manual loan is the answer.