Online vs Ending Balance Report

I have 50+ accounts. I always want to know if all of my accounts online balance is matching my ending balance. Could we have a report for this?

It could be based on the existing Account Balances report. This would be a huge timesaver!!!! In addition, It would be nice to have a warning indicator saying "All accounts are in balance" or "You need to check the report" to see which accounts have differences between Online and Ending balance.

This is one of our top actions is making sure we have correct balances in our accounts.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken does have an option to compare each investing account to to its online balances when you are done accepting downloaded transactions for the account. This is at Edit > Preferences > Compare account portfolio after download. 

    It will show any discrepancies and gives you the option to create Placeholders to account for any differences. I do not let it create placeholders; I investigate and correct any issues.
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  • UKR
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    The closest you can currently get to a Report of account balances is the Account List (from the Tools Menu) itself.
    Using the Options button of the Account List you can add optional columns to the view or delete unwanted ones, e.g., add Current Balance, Ending Balance. See attached image for an example.
    This view can be printed using the printer icon in the view (or press CTRL-P) Unfortunately, Online Balance is not one of the available fields.
    Would be nice if the Quicken programmers could add this column to the Account List view or create a similar report, to be made available in the Reports Menu.