Locked out due to multiple tries. USAA accounts

I have unique Access ID and PIN for accessing USAA accounts. Worked with USAA Tech support X 2 - no luck. They told me to wait and message should disappear. Waited 5 days. Still locked out. Unable to find mechanism to reset Quicken Access ID and Access PIN. There is no good or clear guidance I can find on Quicken or USAA web sites to resolve this issue? HELP!


  • I have tried to reconnect Quicken to my USAA accounts now for over a week and have had zero success.

    Followed all the steps described in help article https://www.quicken.com/support/usaa-bank-direct-connect-customers-ol-220-or-http-405-error

    Cleared Financial Institution name, Deactivated account, etc etc. Then obtained a new Access ID and PIN as instructed by Quicken (and yes they are unique to the Quicken App so they are different than normal.) When I tried again to reactivate my accounts in Quicken the default action is set up to be to connect through "Express Web Connect" so I was prompted for an additional PIN number even after the unique ones provided for Quicken App. Assumed that was my USAA PIN so I provided it and got locked out from reestablishing the Quicken Connection. Multiple failures to lockout made me assume the server was busy or otherwise.

    Tried back a few times over the next week without success and the same result. Even went to USAA to revoke the app permission and started the whole process all over again. No change. Still locked out. When I revoke permission to Quicken through USAA Profile/Security tab, and then login later and start the process over again (you have to re-request an access ID and Pin through Quicken even though they are the same as original ones generated), the USAA Profile shows Quicken is an allowed app again. Success? No, still getting a lockout message in Quicken when I try to link (using Advanced options and selecting Direct Connect before using the USAA Access ID and PIN provided specific to Quicken) I end up with the same lockout message in Quicken.

    Can login to USAA fine using my normal credentials and after about an hour on hold and speaking with USAA techs, they see no hold or lock to prevent Quicken from access using the new Direct Connect(ion). Zip, zero, nada indication on their end that Quicken should not connect. They opened a ticket so they could contact me later if they come across a solution for this type of problem.

    What I am wondering now is if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue with being locked out and unable to connect and if anyone at Quicken might know of a Lockout status on the Quicken/Intuit side of this process that has stored some tag that prevents my connection. I have been using Quicken for decades and this seems to be the end of our relationship if I can't get this resolved quickly.
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    I haven't heard of anyone else reporting getting locked out.  I guess all the people gave up before that happened (I did).

    I find it really hard to believe that the lock can be on the Quicken/Quicken Inc side.
    There are a few "cookies" that Quicken has to pass to USAA to get the secure connection, but for the most part this is simply Quicken sending a request to USAA and them sending a response.  I would venture to say because this is a brand new security system USAA has put in place they don't know now to properly manage/troubleshoot such a problem.

    Your OFX/Connection logs should have all the interactions.  Whereas Quicken Inc (might need to be escalated to beyond the first level support) might be able to collect the logs and maybe talk with USAA, it will probably be USAA that has to fix this.
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    Hello @RogerBi

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    To correct this lockout issue, you will need to request a new access ID and Pin. To do so, please review the steps below.

    On the search window, search for this name exactly: “USAA Federal Savings Bank – NEW” 
    • NOTEDo not click the USAA icon on the first screen of the Add Account flow. Type to search. Also, make sure to select the NEW listing. 
    USAA Bank Direct Connect Customers with an OL-220 or HTTP 405 ErrorClick "Get Access ID and Pin" in the yellow box on the right in Quicken.  This will open the USAA website.  NOTE: you must use the USAA Access ID and Access PIN to connect via Direct Connect. Do not use your USAA Bank website credentials. 

    USAA Bank Direct Connect Customers with an OL-220 or HTTP 405 Error

    I hope this helps, please let us know if the trouble persists after completing these steps.

    -Quicken Tyka 
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    @Quicken_Tyka I'm afraid that won't work.  From what I have seen USAA sends the same Access ID and Access PIN no matter how many times you request it.  Maybe USAA can reset this, but just requesting it again will not work.

    Also this came up on another thread, where a person kept trying to enter the PIN number and failing and getting it locked up.  Clearly a lock like that has to be at USAA, and only they will be able to remove it if time doesn't cure it, which seems to be the case.  Unfortunately the other person with this problem contacted USAA support and they have no idea on how to remove that lock.

    I might also point out what is getting locked here.  People are getting the Express Web Connect flow, not the Direct Connect flow.  Direct Connect flow goes from:


    Express Web Connect flow:


    If one gets the Access ID/PIN from the first dialog and puts it in for Express Web Connect there is no PIN they can put in here that will be correct.  Because with the Express Web Connect it is the USAA website username and password, and then on this dialog above it is the website PIN.

    Someone needs to get to someone that really knows what is going on at USAA to get these accounts unlocked.

    BTW the USAA icon that is on the main dialog for picking the financial institution is now picking the right financial institution name, so it can be used.

    I'm going to see if I can find that other person that got locked out and direct them to this thread.  This is really a separate problem than all the other kinds of problems going on with the USAA connection.
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    Hello @Chris_QPW

    Thank you for the feedback and additional comments.  We received an update yesterday from USAA that a bug had been discovered, causing the account locked out error and inability to receive a new Access Code and Pin.

    A fix has been implemented and we are requesting that Users who were experiencing this specific error, to please try again and confirm if the fix was successful.

    Hope this helps to clarify,

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    @Quicken Sarah Thanks for the information.  Hopefully that will work for @RogerBi.

    Note I couldn't find the post of the other person I saw reporting this problem.
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    I have been suffering through exactly the same sequence. Have obtained the Access ID and Access PIN (multiple times but always get the same value ack - have not tried revoking permission at the USAA end). Always get the second dialog asking for an additional PIN ("or 000" if no PIN is required"); have responded both with regular online PIN and the Access PIN, but neither work. Have multiple emails from USAA (after each attempt to go back and get the Access ID and PIN in hopes something will change. Online with USAA show Quicken is linked for download. To make matters more frustrating, sent USAA a message a week ago and far from a response in 24 hours, have heard nothing back yet. Makes one want to trash technology and just rejoin the cash only economy. Cheers
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