Clock symbol in the Quote/Price column in the investing portfolio module

In the investing portfolio section, there is a clock symbol in the quote column. If you hover your mouse cursor over the symbol, it shows you the date up the last price update. I update my stock quotes manually once a month from my statements. Usually when I update the price, the symbol disappears, which is great because I can tell at a glance which entries I have updated. Sometimes I have noticed that the clock symbol does NOT disappear upon update. Why does this happen?



  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If I remember correctly, the clock in the Portfolio view means something like "security not updated to today's price"
    For example, today is 2/11. You just got around to updating prices "As of: 1/31". The clock should reappear because you entered historical prices, not today's prices.
  • AllanP
    AllanP Member ✭✭
    Well, I changed the "As of" date back to today, and put in a fake price on one security. You are correct, the clock disappeared. But I am sure it disappeared other times I have done updates after the fact for the previous month end.

    So I experimented. It seems that it will disappear for any updates up to 3 days earlier than "today". That is, since today is Feb 11. If I update the price with an as of date up to and including Feb 8, the clock disappears. Anything from Feb 7 back will leave the clock showing.

    This still bothers me because I am sure I have done updates later than 3 days after month end. I usually don't have access to statements until 6 to 8 days later.