Securities Currency was Changed (using Multi-Currency)

I am using Quicken in a multicurrency setup with some accounts in Euro, some in USD. I have an investment account that already has a set of 4 securities in it. The account is in Euro. The account is not connected or updated automatically. Now I wanted to add additional shares of that already existing securities, but they are no longer in the drop down list. In the securities list, I can see that the securities, that were only used in this Euro account, are now all USD securities.
After reading through some post here, I tried to add a new security from that Euro account.
If I do that, the security is automatically assigned USD as currency. I cannot find any way to add new securities in Euro or change the currency back to Euro.
Interestingly, I have another account that uses manually added Euro securities (different from above) and that one seems to be unaffected. The only difference I can see is that these securities have the "automatic updates" flag disabled while the affected ones have it enabled.
What is odd is that there seems to be no way anymore to add a Euro security.
Q Version is R31.12, Build


  • YingDave
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    I have a similar setup with multiple accounts in differing currencies. First I suggest hit Ctrl+Y and look at your securities listed. The currency of each can only be specified when setting them up and it cannot be changed once it is created. In the list it is listed in long form in the roughly in the middle of the table. If indeed they have changed I suggest you call support as they cannot be changed by the user.
  • ChSe1976
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    @YingDave Thank you for your response. They indeed changed and I also don't get any option to choose the currency when I add a new security. Also if I add it from a Euro account, it still appears as USD. Guess I need to open a ticket.
  • YingDave
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    If you enter the security manually rather than via Quicken lookup you get the option to enter the currency.... Hit button "Add Security" in the security list (Ctrl+Y), then "Click here". I'm guessing the normal Quicken lookup will of course only look up it's own database on US/CA securities. But the fact is you can create any number of securities manually that may or may not be traded on the exchange. You can set up Bitcoin, precious metals, any foreign equities or private investment banc mutual funds, but then you have to maintain the prices, or transactions manually!

    Doing things without automatic downloads is something we have got used to in Australia where I'm at.. ;)