Vanguard OL-304-A Error, cannot reactivate

For the last week, Quicken and Vanguard seem to disagree about my list off accounts at Vanguard. "Your financial institution doesn't recognize <account>" for ALL of my Vanguard accounts. I have tried to deactivate and re-activate them all, but when I try to activate, only two accounts are "available" at Vanguard - one that has $0 and I have no idea what it is, and one I don't want to track in Quicken. My login/password have not changed and I'm sure they are correct. When I log into Vanguard's web site with the same login, all my accounts are there and look fine.
Version R31.12 Build


  • bsand246
    bsand246 Member ✭✭
    Ok, I just got them back somehow. The only thing I did differently was erase the "Financial Institution" field ("Vanguard") from the account details on one of the accounts, so I had to choose it again when activating. Then all my Vanguard accounts showed up as available to add or link, so I linked them all to the existing accounts again. So far so good.