View Unreconciled transactions with the register showing correct balance

I am new to Quicken - finally jumped from Microsoft Money in January so this is my first time balancing my checking account in quicken. I have balanced my account but it still shows all of my transactions, with only the unreconciled ones bolded. When I toggle to show only unreconciled transactions, the register balance is incorrect, only showing the balance on the unreconciled items, not on the entire balance. The tiny balance in the bottom right of the screen is correct, but I want my register to show correctly. How do I make this happen. This was an automatic feature in Money and is going to make me crazy if I can't get it to work in quicken. I feel like I have tried all of the views, so it must be a setting somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi @rdaugherty73,

    So, when you say "toggle to shown only unreconciled transactions" what you are doing is asking Quicken to show only those unreconciled items - so the "Balance" column now shows the cumulative total of ONLY those unreconciled transactions -which isn't the "running balance" of your checking account. 

    I did try out MS Money many years ago, so I don't recall the feature you were using, or how that worked.  But rather than "sorting" to show only unreconciled items, I would suggest you try a view where you only see transactions within a certain date range - for example for the time period starting with the date of the oldest transaction that had not cleared your most recent bank statement through today, or better yet - use the "Last 30 days" preset.  With both of these filters, you'll see the correct running balance in the register, and with the "Last 30 days" you won't have to reset the filter every month.

    Hope this helps.


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    This was an automatic feature in Money and is going to make me crazy if I can't get it to work in quicken.
    Well then you are going to be driven crazy.
    There are certain filter settings where the running balance simply will not match what is at the financial institution/MS Money in Quicken.

    To do what MS Money did it must have saved the balance each transaction so that no matter how you filtered it would be what was at the financial institution.

    This isn't how Quicken works.  Quicken computes the running balance for what is showing, like you would see in a report.  MS Money's running balance includes the "transactions you can't see".

    With the exception that it will start with the balance for transactions that are before the first one you are looking at.

    So filtering like Last 30 days, will do what you expect, whereas filtering by the cleared transactions won't.

    Example, with filtered to "All Transactions":

    Now filtered to unreconciled:

    -1774.72 - 14.96 = -1730.42
    -1730.42 - 4.05 = -1734.47

    This starting with the balance from the last transaction is actually a "compromise" they put in a few years ago.  Originally Quicken worked exactly like a report, it totaled exactly what you saw.  So if filtered to the last 30 days it would just total them up and basically give you this number for the final one:

    There was a lot of complaints from MS Money people about all of this when Microsoft killed of MS Money and they came to Quicken.

    And note this a fierce debate.  Long time Quicken users use the computing of "what's there" and don't want "compute even if it is hidden" like MS Money does.
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