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I am migrating from the Windows subscription version to the Mac subscription version. I am trying to find the "category grouping" functionality but have been unsuccessful. Basically, I want to create my reports with categories clumped together in customizable groups. For instance in my Windows version, I have a monthly spending report with grouping headings of "Education", "Misc Expenses", "Housing", "Insurance", "Loans", "Retirement", and "Income". Each grouping heading has multiple defined categories linked to it so that those categories are shown under the appropriate top level "category grouping" designation in my reports. Does this functionality exist in the Mac subscription version and if not, is it on the roadmap? Unfortunately, this severely limits the Mac version's reporting utility for me.
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  • jacobs
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    This Quicken Windows feature sounds like it would be a useful addition to Quicken Mac. Thanks for posting this.
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  • KCab
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    I'd also really like to see this feature. I'm also migrating from Windows and this is essential for my budget. I used to try to budget for each of my over 100 categories, but that was overkill and just made it less likely that I'd ever actually look at my budget.

    I'd like to separate all my expenses into three main groups: Required (mortgage, loans, etc.), Necessary (food, gas, other must spends but of an unpredictable amount) and Discretionary (basically everything else). So far, since there are no category groups in Quicken for Mac, the only way I see to do this is to make three separate budgets (since I can select the categories I want in each budget) for these three ideas and then correlate them manually. So, if I spent more on Required or Necessary I'd just have less in Discretionary. However, having to manually correlate the amounts between three budgets seems clunky and I'd really expect there to be a simpler way.

    Another idea is to make all of my existing categories into subcategories of Required, Necessary, or Discretionary, but then I'd change 25 years worth of previous transactions and lose all my subcategories.

    I'm also tempted to simply use a spreadsheet, but that seems ridiculous considering all the time and effort I spend getting the information into Quicken. I'd expect Quicken for Mac to help me budget without having to export my information somewhere else.

    I'm really hoping to see this feature soon!
  • willit618
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    The alternative would be to allow tagging of entire categories (this would NOT work if you had to tag every single transaction individually)