serious design flaw in Quick Pay

I have been using Microsoft Money for more than 20 years. I switched to Quicken Premier because Microsoft hasn’t supported Money for a long time and there are questions about whether it will work on Windows 10.
I assumed that as a new program Quicken would be more flexible and powerful than Money. In some ways it is. But in at least one important way it’s a terrible downgrade. This involves Quick Pay.
With Money, I could send multiple electronic payments in one session. I could also trigger multiple payments for future dates. But Quicken won’t let me trigger payment #2 until payment #1 has cleared.
I see that there was an extended discussion not long ago about Quick Pay replacing a feature that worked exactly like Microsoft Money. How ironic that I switch to this new expensive program, and it does not do what the ancient Microsoft program has been doing for 20 years.
Obviously there is no technical impediment to allowing users to make or schedule multiple payments in a single session, whether to the same payee or to different payees. Quicken should fix this design flaw without delay.
To make matters worse, several payments have “failed.” Most recently, the message said there was a double payment. But there wasn’t – the earlier one had failed for other mysterious reasons. In more than 20 years using Microsoft Money I never had a payment fail. Another design flaw in Quick Pay.


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    The primary flaw with Quick Pay is that it relies on each payee to have an online bill payment system.  Only those with that capability are included and when the billers system is changed or unavailable, Quick Pay does not work.  That's it in a nutshell.
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    Not allowing a Quick Pay to be sent without a current updated bill may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it definitely was a bad one.. By tying Quick Pay to a current bill, you severely limit, what is otherwise a excellent feature.. I can assure you that none of my creditors would object to me sending them money at any time, current bill or not.. Also if there is an issue with the current bill being updated, you cannot make a payment to that online biller unless you change it to Check Pay..