Budgets, Transactions Constantly Changing!!

Sorry in advance for the venting and frustration but I needed to go somewhere to let people know how insane what I'm experiencing with Quicken is. Especially the last few weeks or month this has gotten significantly worse. I have 2020 and my 2021 budgets all set perfectly so they they add up to 0 at the end of the year. Every couple days Quicken decides that it's going to just change my 2020 budget for whatever reason and since I have rollover budget it jacks up EVERYTHING! I've also experienced it changing transactions that have been downloaded for months to no longer reconciled and reset the payee so I have no idea what what is was! I purchased Quicken thinking it was the industry standard but it has nothing but disappointed me. I don't know if the problem is how they are trying to integrate with the cloud or what but I can't use a product that I can't rely on to be stable and accurate. Every time I download new transactions I have to triple check all my numbers just to make sure Quicken hasn't messed anything up. I really want to love Quicken as it has all the functionality I desire but if it's not executed well I don't know how I can keep using it.

Am I the only one experiencing this behavior??


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    We have not experienced any of the issues you raised.  Note: We do not use the Express Web Connect connection method.  We do not sync any accounts to the Quicken Cloud and Sync is not enabled.  We do not use Online Bills.  We do not update to a staged release and do not update to the latest release until we are convinced it is stable.
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    The one that I think is the key there is not syncing to Quicken mobile or web.

    The budget is synced and as such can be changed in both directions by the program and when there's bugs who knows what you're going to get.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
  • Thanks guys for the response. I was afraid that would be the consensus. Really wish Quicken would not of released a cloud syncing option before it was stable. I really want the cloud syncing functionality so that it makes it easy to view finances on the go and gives my wife more visibility
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    I have recently experienced a similar issue. Everything was working fine, I was syncing to Cloud, using Online Bills, Express Web Connect, but as soon as I logged in to the IOS App on a new device, the next time that I did a Sync, the budget categories from past months was all messed up. I reverted to previous quicken file backup that I had and reset cloud data which fixed it, but everything that a login happens on the mobile device and I sync to cloud, it messes up the budget. This is extremely frustrating as we'd like to have the budget accurate on the mobile device.
    I have since disabled cloud sync until I know it's fixed.
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