How to report RRIF transfers

Hello community. We just last month started making RRIF withdrawals. I have the accounts set up (just called the RRSPs RRIFs for simplicity). I am trying to show and include/track the transfers out in my budget and budget report. I see I can categorize the cash transferred out transactions as "RRIF"; that exists. But I have $ coming from 3 accounts and would like to track each separately. Also, using that category doesn't allow me to transfer the funds out to my bank account, I think. Tried it once and not sure where the $ goes, as in where is "RRIF"? So does anyone else here do this that can explain how it works? Seems Quicken doesn't handle this too well as in it isn't straight forward.

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    "Hello community. We just last month started making RRIF withdrawals" 
    Not sure exactly what an RRIF is but the disbursement of money out of a retirement account is purely a transfer from one Quicken Account to another Quicken Account, and nothing more.  You can't "Categorize" that transfer, but you can make the transfer show up as a form of "income" in budgets and reports; it will appear as a line item titled "FROM [Name of Account]" in the income section.  If you're taking distributions from three different Accounts then each Account will have its own "FROM" line in the income section.
    To avoid double counting income here - once in the RRIF and then again in whatever is seeing the transfer as "income" - de-select the RRIF Account as a source of information for the report but then set up the RRIF Account as a "Category"."
  • Hi Tom; Thanks for the response and guidance. Will give this a shot, but could you clarify the last sentence? How do I set up the RRIF as a category, and where?

    BTW, a RRIF is a registered retirement income fund here in Canada. That's how one withdraws funds from a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) which I think is similar to a 401K in the US.
  • Just tried it and still it isn't doing what I expected. Perhaps the issue is with the type of transaction I'm using to move the cash from the accounts. I see 3 options; "withdraw" and "other cash transaction" in the cash transactions section and "cash transferred out" in the investment transactions section. The one I ended up with is the first, "withdraw" in the cash transactions section. Perhaps this is the crux of the problem; what to categorize the transfer as?
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