Canadian ACB assigned to US Stocks (Quicken Canada on Windows)

Is it possible to assign the Adjusted Cost Base in Canadian funds on a US Stock?
As the Canada Revenue Agency uses this to calculate owed tax, this would be very useful for the Canadian clients.


  • YingDave
    YingDave Member ✭✭✭✭
    Would that simply be a matter of determining what the effective exchange rate of that transaction(s) was in the past from information or statements on the date they were are for. Then going into your currency table (Ctrl+Q) and adding a exchange rate on the same date as you transaction (s). It should then report the cost base the same as declared. In the Currency list a new entry can be added by, Ctrl+Q, selecting US Currency, 'Historical Prices', then 'New' then key in date and rate that matches as the FEX for the transaction. As Quicken Canada has historical rate table, the entries for the dates of the transactions or closest previous, are used for individual calculation before being summed. You could included whatever 'adjustments' you need within the rate.
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