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Quicken Ratings

I've had since the 1980s. I've used Quicken, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Point of Sale, Turbotax, and some other things like a willmaker and home inventory. I have a love-hate relationship.

Today after spending close to an hour to get two questions answered on the phone including how to add money to a cash account (should be the easiest question in the world, but I had to add two extra columns to the menu.....Cash accounts are not set up to accept cash.....

While waiting on hold I looked at the website and saw all these glowing 4 and 5 star evaluations. I realized that in all these years I never knew how to rate Quicken. It's not something I get from the App Store.

Searching in the software and searching online, I saw no opportunity to rate Quicken. When the customer service person came back, I asked. He took me here. I repeated, I was looking for how I evaluate Quicken, not ask a question. He responded I would get a questionnaire after the phone call. I said that is for me to evaluate this call, but not to evaluate the program. I showed him all the glowing ratings. He took me back to this site and said the managers determined the ratings. I said., but there is no place for users to write their ratings. How does Quicken calculate these ratings and where are they from?

The phone line went dead.

Perhaps the ability to rate Quicken is somewhere I've yet to find. How else would Quicken be able to publish such great ratings if users didn't rate them? Does anyone know where users get to rate the software or where Quicken gets the data? I'm certain they don't make it up, or only allow a few select emplxxxx customers to evaluate it.
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