Wrong register entries

Quicken 2013 has both savings and checking account registers. Occasionally after backing up, when the UI rewrites, the checking register is a duplicate of the savings register. IOW: all checking register entries have vanished Restoring a back up fixes it. Why does this occur?


  • UserDavidC
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    I would try three things:

    1. Run the latest patch for 2013 to make sure the program is not corrupted. You can fine the patch at: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/quicken-2013-patches.html

    2. Make a Quicken copy of the file (do not use the Windows copy function).

    3. Run the Quicken Validate routine.

    Edit: Added the Quicken copy step.
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  • b slurry
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    Thanks for the feedback.
    The fact that patch release dates are similar hints that they are not cumulative and that the uppermost listing is the latest. Is it sufficient to run just THAT patch?
    Specifically, how would one "make a Quicken copy of the file.?