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In the announcement, one of the ongoing current USAA online banking issues is: "When reactivating accounts, the Add Account window may display a different/alternate account number. " I believe one cause of this issue is that the backend systems at USAA are inconsistent in populating a changed account number through all systems. Example:
You open a USAA CC in 2015 with account number ending in X123
In 2018 the card is compromised, cancelled and reissued with account number ending in X456
The same thing happens in 2020, so the card is again cancelled and reissued with account number ending in X567
Now you go to setup online banking for the card to link USAA's account with your USAA CC account in Quicken. Your card ends in X567, but USAA will present the account as X123.
This same issue presents itself when you attempt to download your monthly CC statement from USAA's website. The Default Filename USAA presents will show the X123 account number, even though the contents of the file are for the X567 account.
This has been an ongoing problem with USAA for years with CC statements, but now it appears to also be showing up in the Quicken account linkage process, IMO.


  • dickmalla
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    I am having the same problem and appears that neither USAA or Quicken realy care. Very disappointing.
  • Frankx
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    Hi @dickmalla,

    As you may know, USAA has been updating its systems over the past couple of weeks and apparently is still troubleshooting some of its system issues involving Quicken.  You may want to refer to the information located in this LINK.


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