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Why not have an option to take any active account and remove a portion, BY DATE, of it to an historical file still being able to still access the data, if needed? It would shorten files that have been in the system for many years. I can see removing items, let's say over 4 years old, on many of my accounts but still want to have the data available for long term trends. This would be especially useful on banking accounts which are used daily.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    I fail to see the benefit and I can see how it would make everything much more complicated.

    Databases are designed so that you only access the data that you need.  That's exactly how Quicken works.  For instance until you open an account register Quicken doesn't load in that data but once it does it cashes it in memory to be quicker.

    On the other hand if you separate the data into multiple files then whenever it needs to do any kind of long-term search like net worth or reports or anything it now has to deal with multiple databases and even understanding what's in each database so that it knows what to get to.  Not to mention that some functions like investments they need a history to compute the security lots.  This added complication is the reason why you're in copy doesn't even touch investments.

    All of that for what so that you have a smaller file for the main file?

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