Income/Expense report transaction details show transaction total, not category amount

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Quicken shows those nice pie charts for total income and expense for a period, with segments for categories at a given level. And you can click one of the segments to get a breakdown within that level.

And for whatever "pie" you're seeing, it shows a list of transactions for that "pie."

Trouble is, the amount is the total amount for the account transaction, NOT the amount for the relevant category.

For example, say I went to the grocery store and spent $100, $90 for groceries and $10 for cat food. I'd record the credit card transaction with a split: $90 for groceries, $10 for pet expenses.

But if I viewed any pie chart that included pet expenses, the total shown for that category, would correctly include that $10, but the list of transactions would show $100.

This is a simple case, but in a more complex situation with many transactions it makes it really hard to figure out where the money went.

Yes, I know I can create a report to show the same data, but it would be a lot more convenient if the correct numbers showed here.
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    In the Spending tab, you're viewing a subset of the complete transaction register. As such, Quicken can't show a transaction which never happened -- one split out of a larger transaction. For that, you do need to go to a report by category. I understand your point. But it seems to me it would also cause confusion if it showed the $10 split as if it were its own transaction; then if you double-clicked it to edit it, the full transaction would open.

    You might find it helpful in Preferences > Register to check the box to Automatically Show Splits in the Register. This way, as you click on or arrow down through the transactions under the pie chart, you'll see the full transaction with the split you're looking for. (I prefer keeping this preference turned off, but I don't use the spending tab and pie charts; I do a report if I want to see spending for a particular category.)
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