"Enter All" for pending bills / payments

I'm using Quicken Premier 2020 (for Windows). I have my income and bill reminders set up, and there are over 20 bill reminders due on the first of every month. I've been clicking each one to enter the reminder. Where do I find an "Enter All" so that I only need to click once for all income / bills for a particular date?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @jchausmann

    The Income & Bill reminders require specific action that needs to be taken for each one, as a result, you cannot "Enter All". 


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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    If you have the same reminders every month, and the amounts don't vary, you can set the reminders to be "Auto" entered.
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  • jrich75
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    We should be clear about some of the terminology.  There are reminders, online bills and payments so it depends on which you want to initiate.  The title implies you want to initate a payment for a bill while the question seems to say you just want to enter a reminder to show that you've paid the bill.  If it's the latter, @Rocket J Squirrel is correct that they can be set to enter automatically,  If you are actually trying to pay the bill from Quicken (such as using Quick Pay), the @Frankx is correct and individual action is required to do so.
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