Reconcile shouldn't include reconciled transactions past statement end date

Currently Quicken includes reconciled transactions in the "Cleared Balance" even if they are past the Statement End date, which prevents you from reconciling periods in the past.

For instance someone adds a new account and gets 90 days of transactions and reconciles them.
Now they want to backfill previous transactions, so they import some previous transactions.  There isn't any way to reconcile those previous transactions without first unreconciling the transactions that come after them.  Limiting the including of the reconciled transaction to the ending date will fix this.

In reality it borders on a bug that the reconciled transactions after the ending date are included in the reconcile "Cleared Balance".  BTW they are also included in the debits and credits totals and shouldn't be there either.

This will also make re-reconciling to find a what reconcile transaction(s) changed when the "Cleared Balances" isn't what it was when the person last reconciled.

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