Quicken Deluxe Canada on Windows Subscription Renewal Bug

There is a bug in the Quicken Deluxe Canada on Windows renewal process. Quicken Support cheerfully refunded my money this morning to fix the problem, but the root defect should be fixed:

I've subscribed for years. This weekend, while using Quicken Canada on Windows, I was prompted to renew my subscription. So I did, clicking on the links Quicken Canada provided. However instead of renewing Quicken Canada, it created a new subscription to Quicken US. However Quicken Canada did not recognize the US subscription, and so remained expired.

So then, using a Web browser, I went to quicken.ca, logged in and renewed my Canadian subscription, after which Quicken Canada on Windows was functional again. However by then I had paid for two subscriptions, one US and one Canadian, which is why support had to refund one of them.

I can reproduce this behaviour even now. If I view my account from within Quicken (Help -> My Quicken Account) I see the US account history. If I use a Web browser and quicken.ca, I see the Canadian account history.

Hope this helps.

Dave Ings

P.S. This all started because my subscription auto-renewal did not auto-renew for some reason. I suppose that's a second bug, if you want to look into that too.
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