Has anyone else reported this problem between Quicken & the USAA banking site?

I downloaded the original solution to the January USAA problem and, as directed, entered the password info to the new banking item (USAA Bank-New) and the old banking item (zzz-USAA Bank) and the only thing I got back was a window telling me to enter the password info. Okay, so I did it again and got the same result. I then entered the password info for only the new account, leaving the blocks for the old (zzz) account blank.  Same results appeared.  It's now been almost a month without any access to any of my USSA banking accounts. I reported this way back in late Jan/early Feb and still nothing. Now I just got hit with my renewal expense so I'm paying for something I'm only partly able to use/  Not a happy camper, folks.  I need access to my bank!!

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    In this  instance, there are multiple (10+) threads about the various USAA issues.  Every new thread provides another stream of "having the same problem" posts.
    Quicken did an Alert but it was last updated in late January when a variety of bad behaviors were added to the list of issues.  I'm assuming the problem still exists in some form.  It would be helpful if the Alert were kept current:
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  • Has USAA provided any help for the situation?
  • Add me to the list. I have done the Quicken troubleshooting. It works, once. If I do it the info updates but then the next day I have to do it again or it does not download anything.
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    Whereas the Error note has been resolved, I repeatedly get duplicate transactions on my updates. It only happens once after the initial update, but it is annoying.

    I have tried to contact USAA-Quicken support, but have been on hold an inordinate amount of time and give up. I have written USAA and recived no response.

  • I just emailed USAA and Quicken separately about this same issue today.
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    If you have not tried this link down below, give it a shot and let me know if it works for you . During the process USAA issues a ACCESS CODE and a ACCESS PIN for the "New "USAA account.
    These were different from the USAA login procedure and the pin. For safety I made a copy of the account on a flash drive just before trying anything that might corrupt the original account.

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    srowlands said:
    I just emailed USAA and Quicken separately about this same issue today.

    Great! I thought I was the only one who was having this one problem! Thanks for adding your comment! If you hear anything back from either party, please let us know what they said!

  • I have followed the Quicken process multiple times. It works once then I have to repeat the delete and redo then it works again then repeat...
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    I followed the instructions and now have duplicate usaa accounts. How can I merge these? Quicken used be seamless, now I have duplicate entries on downloads, missing entries....
    Hope you get this resolved soon :(
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    I switched to Quicken as a have-to when USAA and Moneydance quit playing nice (USAA started it with their crazy new rules to retrieve transactions from them). I learned the hard way that you have to use the new way, and only the new way to keep from getting a ton of duplicates. That said, I still get some duplicate transactions even with the new handshake method throughout the month - even ones that Q and I have already accepted and marked as cleared. It's a real pain. I compare app balances and Q downloaded balances along with reconciling to the penny every month and it's a lot of extra work to hunt down why I'm off by quite a bit from the shown balance and statements since I switched to Q in Jan.
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