Transactions No Longer Downloaded When Synced from Mobile

I was hit by the bug, fixed earlier this year, where the download auto-matched existing transactions and changed or removed the category.

This now seems to be fixed.

However, I have a credit card where I enter transactions on the mobile app; they get synced with the register in the Windows app on the next one step update.

However, now the transactions do not get downloaded from the card provider's site - I only get downloads for transactions I have either not entered or have entered manually in the windows app; for transactions added in the remote app, I have to reconcile manually because they no longer come from the provider's site.

It looks like a sync'd transaction is not eligible for download.

Anyone else?


  • Perhaps today's update (R31.20) fixes this...

    What's fixed

    - Issue with downloaded and cloud synced transactions not automatically matching to manual transactions.

    Fingers crossed.
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