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It's time to allow previous reconciliation reports on Mac. Need this to see why, when trying to reconcile current statement, Quicken balance shows a different amount of difference then when trying Statement balance. Neither is correct. This is why being able to view/print a previous reconciliation report to find any error is needed.
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  • jacobs
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    I'd like see if we can clarify your request. The big new feature in versions 6.1 is Quicken Mac's ability to save each reconciliation so you can later find discrepancies, and to see and fix what's changed (such as a deleted, added, or edited transaction). The problem is that id doesn't have the history of past reconciliations; this is only helpful moving forward as it builds a record of reconciliations.

    There is no way for it to create records of past reconciliations because they don't exist in the database. But you might consider selecting all past transactions prior to your most recent reconciliation, mass unreconciled them, then do a reconciliation of everything up through that date. This will make Quicken store the state of all your past transactions in this reconciliation, so it will be able to show you in the future if anything in those past transactions changes.

    If you understood all this, and the focus of your request is making a printable reconciliation report -- which still does not exist -- there is an existing Idea thread for that feature which you can find here. I encourage you to go to that post, find the large blue box under the first post, and click the gray triangle to add your vote. That idea is currently marked "Under Consideration" so more votes could help push it onto the developers' planning list. I'd encourage adding comments to that thread about why you feel that even with the historical reconciliations implemented in version 6.1, a printed reconciliation report is still needed. The developers do review these comments, and providing them real-world use cases about why users want and/or how they would use a particular feature can really help them understand a need they may not otherwise grasp.
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