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Persistent OL-362-A errors with Vanguard downloads

I hope I can get help from the community on this one:

Last year I converted a few retirement funds at Vanguard to their new brokerage format. The conversion resulted in new account numbers for those accounts.

After the conversion I got an OL-362-A error, with the message "Your Financial institution has downloaded data for an account that does not exist in your Quicken data file". After deactivating one of the accounts I realized what was going on, Vanguard was sending data for the old account numbers along with the new account numbers.

No big deal, after I deactivated one account I went to reactivate it again.

- entered my Vanguard username+password at the prompt
- in the "We found the following accounts" window that followed, I selected "Don't add to Quicken" for the old account numbers

One Step Upadate finished up, all of my Vanguard accounts downloaded whatever transactions were there (if any), OSU finishes with no issues during the session. I had no more issues for at least a couple of OSU cycles.

A few weeks later, the same thing happened again, the OL-362-A with Vanguard. I went through the process again, this time I though for sure it was fixed; not even close (like anything is easy with Quicken anymore), the same OL-362-A error keeps showing up again every two to three weeks. Quicken acts like it forgets the "Don't add to Quicken" instructions I gave it.

My version is R31.12 (I refuse update to the latest version since I'm seeing users already having Quicken crash on them with the latest update). I've validated and super validated my file, no errors are found. I've even gone so far as to delete Quicken, remove any detritus it leaves behind (files/folders/Windows registry), reinstall and apply mondo patch R31.12 but the same blasted thing happens again. This is the 5th time this reoccurred in the last 2 months.

I used Quicken for decades but this subscription model has me looking for alternatives, I've had more issues with this new version than ever. I'm tired of the problems and major pieces (like mobile sync) that are just plain busted and never seem to get fixed.


  • The Keeper
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  • tnmats
    tnmats Member ✭✭
    edited February 27
    Please note what I said my steps were (4th paragraph). I've already done that. Five times.

    I neglected to mention I deactivated all Vanguard accounts the first time I experienced the problem. In subsequent times I deactivated one account since doing that would bring up the window to tell Quicken which accounts to ignore.

    The issue is Quicken is forgetting, for lack of a better term, the closed acct. numbers I keep telling it to "Don't add to Quicken".
  • Hello @tnmats

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize in the issue you're having. That is odd I'm wondering where exactly the issue is. I believe in this case it might help trying to see on a test file if we have a similar issue. This will give us a better idea of where exactly the issue is. I'll leave steps down below and you can find it on the third step on the article.


    Once you get the chance let us know what you're able to find out. From there we'll see what we able to find next.


    Quicken Francisco

  • tnmats
    tnmats Member ✭✭
    I may have to give your suggestion a try but first I will contact Vanguard and see if they can turn off downloading the discontinued account information. If they can it's a lot less hassle than trying to troubleshoot Quicken.
  • RobB
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    I have this same issue. Account # xxx was renamed to account # yyy. All was ok, then this past week I had to Disconnect online services for this account in Quicken due to an error. When I try to set up Online services for this one account again, Quicken cannot find account # yyy but it does find account # xxx. I created a new quicken file with the folks at Vanguard and downloaded transactions from xxx and it did contain transactions from yyy, and other accounts. I have a ticket open with Vanguard now.

    I am on version R31.20, Build on Windows 10
  • tnmats
    tnmats Member ✭✭
    An update:

    I went through the steps from Quicken Francisco, not a thing helps. what I noticed is this issue happens the first time I download/update the Vanguard accounts at the start of each month. The test file did the same but I did not keep a copy. It still has not gone away, yet another frustrating flaw in a program I pay $80 a year to keep up, this is just angering.
  • rls1907
    rls1907 Member
    I have had the same issue with my Vanguard accounts since the beginning of the year. I have been using Quicken for over 30 years and being able to download transactions is the main reason I continued with Quicken for the annual subscription service. I have deleted accounts and then added them back, I have tried deactivating and resetting the accounts but nothing has resolved this issue. Please Quicken, solve this problem!
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