I have a suggestion about Bill and Income Reminders (aka scheduled transactions)

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I would like to group reminders. Reminder group examples:
  • Utility bills
  • Streaming services (Roku, Netflix, Prime Video)
  • Homeowner services (lawn mowing, HVAC maintenance, water softener salt delivery)
  • Credit card payments
  • Mortgage and other loan payments
  • Taxes (income, property)
  • Insurance premiums, (home, auto, medical)
  • Subscriptions (magazine, newspaper)
  • Income (paycheck, dividends)
  • Any others the user might want to add
These groups are different from existing categories. For example, a reminder for a paycheck may be a split transaction with individual categories for each split. A reminder for a loan may have transaction splits for interest and principle. (These things already work. I'm just mentioning them here to distinguish between reminder groups and transaction categories.)

Another suggestion: reminders may NOT be periodic. They could be ad hoc.

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