Have been a Quicken user for years and have never has this issues. I typically work on 4 different d

I have been a quicken user for years and have never had this issue. I typically work on 4 different data files that all show up as recent when I click “file”. Only the current one now has the QDF file extension, so the others can’t be opened. The only files I can find have a DAT extension. How do I recover my files?


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    @cshy It's unlikely that anything converted you old files to something else, more likely they are just in another location (for whatever reason). Is it possible you may have backed them up or moved them to another file locatlon?
    When I do that (often), I can find them using the windows explorer and simply putting the .QDF extension in the search bar and let it rip. Search you whole computer if necessary and if the files are there, it'll find it.
    Good luck!
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    I suggest you use Quicken to attempt to locate the missing Quicken files or their backups: select File > Find Quicken Files...
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    What version (year) of Quicken are you using?
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