When selling shares in a tax-deferred mutual fund Account

When selling shares (Actually an exchange) in a tax-deferred mutual fund account, I can no longer select a destination for the proceeds--that part of the entry is now greyed-out. I used to use a 2-step process where I would send the funds to the vendor's MMA, and then use those same funds to purchase shares in the exchanged fund. Now I can't do that. Help!
How can I get rid of the grey??


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    I'm not sure I'm following along with you here.
    You parenthetically state "actually an exchange", and the typical "exchange" within in a fund family doesn't use Sold and Buy actions, it would be more appropriately accounted for with a "Mutual Fund Conversion" action where one fund is effectively eliminated to be replaced by another mutual fund with a different name.  I assume that you're really not speaking about an "exchange" in that sense but actually a sale of one mutual fund and a buy of a different mutual fund within the same fund family?
    The typical "Sell" action results in cash being received within the Quicken Account and Quicken provides a mechanism whereby that cash can actually land in different Account:

    The screen shot shows a transaction within one of my retirement Accounts - a SEP IRA in this case - and that ability to let the cash automatically show up somewhere else in my Quicken file is available.Is this the sort of transaction you're referring to?
    Or is the Account in which the sale is occurring a "Single Mutual Fund" Account where the cash created by the sale MUST go to a different Account?
    This also shows that function working.
    What version (Help > About Quicken) are you running here?

  • Thanks for the quick response!
    I'm running version R31.20.
    The exchange only involves SOME of the fund's shares, so it's not a conversion as such. The sale is a "Single mutual fun account." And--it's the record proceeds box that is totally greyed out.
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    First, is this "new behavior" where previously this worked OK? 
    I updated to R31.20 for a test file and set up a test SMF Account and a checking Account.  I then did a sale in the SMF Account and the "To (Account Name)" feature was available to me so that suggests some "local to you" problem. 

    You might create a new file with just a "manual" (not downloading) checking Account and a manual SMF retirement Account with some shares of some fund in it and try a sale there.  If the test file works OK then the next thing to try is a validation on your working file.

    File > File Operations > Copy... and then using the copied file File > File Operations > Validate and Repair...
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    plastic/fantastic said: Still nothing? Bueller? Bueller?
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